Jain Spirit


Jain Spirit is a dedicated site for the British Jain community, containing features about activities and news in the community and updates of the JAINpedia.org website and the JAINpedia project.

The Jain Spirit website offers a new way for contemporary Jains to communicate with each other and foster a sense of unity. Feature articles, news reports and photographs will be a key part of Jain Spirit. This subsite will also continue to develop the JAINpedia project by allowing users to blog their Jain experiences online and therefore weave their everyday practices into the richness of the UK Jain tapestry.

In addition, the entire archive of Jain Spirit magazine will be available to view via this site. An English-language magazine produced for the Jain diaspora, Jain Spirit addressed contemporary Jains and ran from 1999 to 2006.

Although the website is open to all, visitors can choose to sign up for various active roles in this exciting digital initiative.